Introducing… me.

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Photo credit: Allison Armfield Photography

My name is Elle (yes, like the letter/magazine/fictional lawyer). I’m a recent December graduate of Texas Christian University with a BA in writing, which means if you question the value of a liberal arts degree I will fight you. I finished my Spanish minor in spring 2015 and left a piece of my heart in Sevilla. I’m an Alpha Omicron Pi (AOII), pronounced A-O-Pie. Because pie is good and so are pandas.

Although I’m out of school now, I’m currently working as a web editorial intern for, the online section of a truly fantastic Dallas-centered magazine. It’s part time work and I make my own schedule – hence this blog. Look for a round-up of the pieces I’ve written soon.

On that note, I have no idea what this blog is about, or if I’ll even continue writing it. I’m like Ali in that regard. I’m hoping this blog will become a little bit of everything. I have loads of opinions, I like reviewing books, and I’m trying to learn how to cook. We’ll see how that goes. The title is pretty much nonsense, and I like puns with my name. (There are many.) Read into it if you like.

But what am I like, really? If I were a fictional character, I’d probably be a cross between Amelia Bedelia–I take things literally, okay?–and Jane Porter from Disney’s Tarzan. In other words, a total goof. I’m a perfectionist with a knack for English grammar and I enjoy helping other people improve their writing. (Need help on an assignment? I’m happy to tutor over Skype or email. I am an unpaid intern commuting to Dallas every day. Seriously, contact me.)

I read multiple books a week (mostly romance, fantasy, and YA, but I can switch it up too). I talk during movies and shows because I can’t turn off my inner editor. I once wrote a riveting 20-page paper on a Victorian feminist’s brutal takedown of marriage as a patriarchal institution. I think Wendy Davis is pretty great–and she was once a TCU English major, how about that, Neeley grads? I got to meet her one time. Oh, and be advised: my love for dogs runs so deep I will squeal with joy if one comes within 100 feet of me.

Want to hear my constant inner monologue? I thought not. My Twitter: @ellefaba

Please don’t go looking for me on Facebook unless you actually know me IRL. That’s just weird.